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More recently, I have been discovering my love of playwriting. It's been exciting to have a new outlet for my love of story-telling. Some of my plays have been produced by Indiana Public Radio, Speranza Theatre Company, Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company, and The Ball State University Department of Theatre and Dance. I have a few commissions I'm currently working on for future production including a SECOND sequel to Arlo Whittaker and the Viola Verdict


David Taylor Little's new book is very successful, and his plot summary was the cleverest I have ever seen

- Gerry Kowarsky

HEC St. Louis' Home of Education Arts and Culture

The sold-out house on Sunday afternoon was treated to Romberg’s appealing music and some fine comic efforts in David Taylor Little’s new libretto.

-Mark Bretz 

Ladue News

The Desert Song

This new book re-contextualizes the classic swashbuckling, romantic, desert operetta for a contemporary audience with all the beloved, original story elements and songs in tact. The premier production was first staged at The Winter Opera of St. Louis in March 2023.

When the fictional country of Sharahbat is occupied by the equally fictional Marnish army, Marne countryman Pierre takes it upon himself to become The Red Shadow and secretly fight alongside the people of Sharahbat. Chaos ensues when love is thrown into the mix. A romantic adventure from the 1920s re-imagined for a contemporary audience.

Shades of Gay

The experiences of 15 men, mostly gay, are shared in this cycle of loosely interwoven stories: love, loss, fear, expectation, 10 snapshots.

Three of the plays in this cycle, Admissions, The General, and Tomorrow, have been performed in various festivals. Admissions was produced in The Soop to Nuts festival in Pelham, NY, and The International Human Rights Arts Festival,
 The General appeared in the Chain Winter One Act Festival, and Tomorrow was part of The Players Theater Short Play Festival. The later three festivals were all produced in New York City.

Additionally, The General was published in Suits and Sage Magazine in the November 2022 issue, and Admissions was published in Fleas on the Dog Magazine in the February 2023 issue.


Admissions by David Taylor Little is charged with zingy, biting dialogue. At its core though, we get a story of redemption, forgiveness, and healing.

-Ezra Neighbors

Acting Drama Editor - Fleas on the Dog Magazine

Admissions - Square Show Image.jpg

Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts combines two of O. Henry’s beloved short stories, The Gift of the Magi and The Last Leaf, into a contemporary, holiday story that highlights the importance of caring for people through the act of giving gifts. On Christmas Eve, siblings Aiden and Sophia sneak downstairs to take a peek at their haul of presents, only to discover that their parents have been expecting them. They find a singular gift that they are allowed to open, a strange book, called Christmas Gifts. As they read the story aloud, they meet Jim and Della, a married couple from 1960s New York City, and the contemporary friends and roommates, Johnsy and Sue. How will these stories come together? Will Aiden and Sophia learn the lesson their parents have intended them to learn? Will they discover the true importance of gift giving? Find out by tuning in to Christmas Gifts.

Arlo Whittaker
and the Viola Verdict

Murder She Wrote meets Slings and Arrows in this fun radio play/live podcast! During rehearsals for a production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, The Arden Globe Trodder's managing director is murdered on stage. Now director Arlo Whittaker must solve the murder in order to save his production. Will he find the culprit before it's too late?

Mystery Thriller Theatre Presents: The Adventures
of Holmes and Watson

Two of Arthur Conan Doyle's stories come together in this fun radio play:  The Adventure of the Speckled Band and The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet. Will Sherlock Holmes and his trusty sidekick Dr. John Watson find the culprits in these two mysteries? Listen and find out.

The Disappearance
of Ezra Clybourne...?

It's time for Jake Mitchell, Devon Bennet, and Ezra Clybourne's favorite time of the year...a week and a half at Red River Ridge Summer Arts Camp! But, while this band of best friends is usually excited to spend time at their favorite place, things are different this year. Ezra and Devon have recently broken up, Devon is angry with Jake for some reason, and now that camp has begun Ezra hasn’t even arrived to register! Things really go haywire when a stranger, calling himself Ezra Clybourne, shows up on the second day of camp. Without access to phones, or the internet, or the outside world, Jake takes it upon himself to find out what has happened to Ezra and mend the rift that has occurred between him and his two best friends. Will he be able to do it all before the end of his time at Red River Ridge? You’ll have to tune in to this live podcast to find out.

Disappearance of Ezra Clybourne Art.jpg
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